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Commercial Business Solution Professionals (CBSPRO) is specialized in providing Engineering & Design services to the maritime industry. CBSPRO has its own Design Department, we deliver Innovative, functional, efficient, and stylish Designs. We proudly present you our newest and latest Concept Design, the ETV-80 and MOSV–95.

Due our experience and large national and International network with leading Dutch and international yards, businesses, vendors, suppliers and brokers we became a big market player. By being actively and personally involved with ship owners and brokers within the various specializations we are able to act fast, professional and flexible.

By increasing our resources for the benefit of the customer and responding appropriately and act within the ever-changing maritime industry, we have become a worldwide renowned Design partner. We provide design services from our office, but also on location when additional support and coordination is required.

We believe in a personal approach. customized to the specific needs of the client. By using the latest design tools we are able to create full 2D & 3D visualizations. If required we deliver a complete package ready to be taken to the next project phase.

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  • Design Philosophy

    We believe in a personal approach, customized to the specific needs of our clients. Our unique conceptual design process enables owners to run through the first phase of design without the need to bind themselves to a design company who covers the complete Naval Architectural design and engineering.
    This results in huge cost savings with the finished concept design you can start to tender and decide which offers has the best value for your project

  • Conceptual design

    A CBSPRO conceptual design includes presentations and documentation that describes the ship according to customer’s needs and desiderate.
    At the end of the conceptual design phase it becomes possible to estimate materials, calculate cost and work needed. In Short a package ready to Tender

  • Marketing and Tendering documents

    With a finalized conceptual design we can generate marketing materials to support your plans ready to be presented to board members, stakeholders, brokers and investors.

    The first steps to start the second phase (basic design) can be started, with our large network of professionals in the industry. We are able to introduce your project and provided the necessary information to receive cost estimations, building possibilities and design feedback.

For questions or more information tell us by e-mail or give us a call!

You can never cross the ocean until you have the courage to lose sight of the shore. – Christopher Columbus

  • Easy Transfer Vessel 80m

    Concept design for a 80m Personnel tranfer vessel for
    windfarm and platform service purposes.

    E-Tender 6m

    Design proposal based on the current prototype, marketing concept development.

    Multipurpose Offshore Service Vessel 95m

    Concept design for a 95m Multipurpose Offshore Service Vessel platform
    able to fullfill several offshore service / support tasks.

    Interior Visualisation

    Interior visualisation

    3D Visualisation of complete interior.

    Visualisatie Niewubouw loods

    Exterior visualisation

    3D Visualisation of several exterior finishings.

    Exterior Villa

    Villa 3D Visualisation

    3D Visualisation of a new to build Villa

  • Visualisation Showroom Jelle Talsma

    3D Visualisation for the new Jelle Talsma Showroom
    and design of the showroom entrance portal.

    Classic Tender

    Classic Tender 32ft

    Concept design for a 32ft Classic Tender
    Commercial and marketing plans.

    Playcourt Visualisation

    Visualisation for Playcourt Grou
    to support their plans to the media.


    Restaurant 3D Visualisation

    3D Visualisation and finishing proposals for a restaurant interior

    Exterior woning

    3D Visualisation of a new to build house

    3D Visualisation to support building plans

    Exterior Villa

    3D Visualisation small shed

    3D Visualisation of a small shed ("Kapschuur")

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